Privacy Policy

What is an affiliate policy? As we all are running one kind do business which may belong to different categories but all types of businesses enquire a proper and detailed privacy policy site as you regulate a smooth functioning it business and do its related activities. We have our own affiliate privacy policy which is a detailed description of entire terms and conditions for our business and its associates. We are highly committed to providing you the best ever services and thus we have mentioned each and every information to be genuine and accurate on our web portal. Our team portal has been designed so as to provide you the satisfactory services without any interruptions. Our affiliate privacy policies can describe our business products and services to all our clients in an efficient manner.  Our organization is very much concerned about the security and safety of all our clients whether they are the existing ones or the newer ones. We have formulated our privacy policies in such a manner so that each and every single user can get them accurate information whatever he/she wants. We are never obliged to violate one’s privacy.

What do we gather?

Usually, we gather a number of information including your personal as well as non-personal details but all such details are 100% secure on our web portal. We collect such information just to analyze our web portal with each and every single Web page. We gather the information including your name, email I’d, address, phone number etc., just for our future references as all such information just get saved in our records and we can then easily analyze the entire data so as to find out a particular client in case of any emergency or grievance. Our affiliate policies can provide you a complete brief about the terms and conditions the business so as to understand our business as well. The information we gather is all about our clients so that none of the fake clients or users can register on the website to cracking any information about another client.

Utilization of cookies-

Cookies are being collected just to have the entire data record to analyze the entire database of our web portal. You can either disable the cookies or enable the same. The cookies being stored can help us in improving our database to provide you the best possible services. Such cookies can really help us to analyze our entire database in an appropriate manner within a very lesser time period. You can disable the option of cookies so as to secure your information but you need not worry about the information being submitted by you as we are highly committed to providing you the genuine services with all accurate information without any fake data. Are you still doubting on our policies? Don’t worry;  you won’t ever face any kind of difficulty or other issues on our web portal related to your security and privacy. You can also contact us directly on having some issues with our affiliate privacy policies.